Revolutionizing Cybersecurity and Virtualization based Security via the invention of DeepSAFE Below-OS Security

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Mr. Sallam, The Inventor, Architect and Visionary Leader of McAfee / Intel DeepSAFE technology (code name Patmos) 

Mr. Sallam's Legacy in Revolutionizing Cybersecurity via the invention of DeepSAFE Below-OS Security

Mr. Sallam's pivotal role in the conception and creation of McAfee / Intel DeepSAFE technology marks a milestone in the evolution of cybersecurity. As the visionary architect and inventor behind DeepSAFE, Mr. Sallam not only formulated the initial concept but also led the team from both Intel and McAfee responsible for its development and implementation. This groundbreaking technology, which integrates security at the hardware, firmware, and hypervisor levels, has significantly shaped the future of virtualization-based security. DeepSAFE's innovative approach of embedding security below the operating system revolutionized how protection is integrated into technology, laying the technical groundwork for scalable virtualized secure and isolated desktop apps, services and cloud infrastructure workloads. The importance of DeepSAFE in enhancing the security and safety of desktop and cloud environments cannot be overstated. It was a key factor in Intel’s $7.7 billion acquisition of McAfee, highlighting its immense value and impact. DeepSAFE has since been implemented into the microcode of every Intel processor and the firmware of solid-state drives, solidifying its position as a foundational technology that propelled the secure and safe cloud revolution. Mr. Sallam's contribution to DeepSAFE has not only advanced the field of cybersecurity, below-OS security, firmware and virtualization based security but has also redefined the way security is fundamentally perceived and integrated in the digital world.

The acquisition memo

As shown in the email below, Mr. Ahmed Sallam was recognized by Mr. George Kurtz, CEO and Founder of CrowdStrike and former Executive CTO of McAfee, for his pivotal role in the invention, architecture, and development of Patmos (DeepSAFE's internal code name). Mr/.Sallam's invention and delivery of Patmos was instrumental in McAfee's acquisition by Intel for nearly $8 billion in 2010.

Patmos (DeepSAFE internal code name) is on Intel Labs Hall of Fame


DeepSAFE technology acquisition in the media

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DeepSAFE technology public literature

Welcome to the repository of DeepSAFE’s comprehensive literature material – a gateway to understanding the groundbreaking technology that is reshaping the landscape of cybersecurity. Here, you'll find an array of resources, including detailed white papers, insightful case studies, technical documents, and visionary thought leadership articles, all crafted to provide you with a deeper understanding of DeepSAFE’s innovative solutions. These materials encapsulate our journey in pioneering advanced, below-OS virtualization security technology, reflecting our commitment to delivering robust, intelligent, and ethically grounded cybersecurity solutions. Whether you're a technology enthusiast, a cybersecurity expert, or simply curious about the future of digital protection, this collection offers valuable insights into the technological prowess and strategic foresight that drive DeepSAFE.

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