Next-generation State-of-the-Art Security

We specialize in stealth attacks detection and prevention, hardware-rooted security, proactive predictive malware protection, application sandboxing and isolation, endpoint security, host and network secure access and intrusion prevention, virtualization based security, operating systems internals, locked down security and end to end security.

Pioneering Security and Virtualization Solutions

For over two decades, our founder, Ahmed Sallam worked on advanced securing and virtualization solutions. Pioneering new technologies at application layers, OS kernel, Hypervisors and deep inside hardware CPUs, Memory and Storage.
Prolific Inventor, Chief Architect, CTO, VP of Products Security and Virtualization at leading Hi-Tech companies: Citrix, Intel Security,  Symantec, McAfee and Nokia CheckPoint.

A Comprehensive Approach to System Security

At DeepSAFE Technology, we provide a holistic approach for building and designing secure systems covering: secure autonomous software and hardware design models combined with adaptive, proactive preventive predictive malware and computer attacks protection.




A Game Changing Vision that Changed Entire Security Industry Leading to McAfee's ~ $8B  acquisition by Intel in 2010.

End-to-End System Security, Virtualization and Management

A Leading Technology Office Focused on Advancing World of System Security

Building World's Most Secure Safe Autonomous Computing Infrastructure

Advanced Persistent Threats & Stealth Attacks Analysis, Prevention and Response

A Cupertino, Silicon Valley, CA Company

Advanced Security and Virtualization R&D, Open Source Strategy, Ecosystem Enablement, Integrated Hardware and Software Security Architecture, Product Strategy, Competitive Intelligence, Due diligences, Intellectual Property, Training and Forensics Services.

Wide Portfolio of Security Consulting Services

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