Pioneering DeepSAFE

Enabling a world of Intelligent Autonomous Resilient Experiences

Powered by Hardware-Assisted, Below-OS-Security & Protection, AI / ML,

High Integrity, Assured Computing, Behavioral Protection and Zero Trust

Combating Zero Day attacks, Rootkits, Bootkits, Ransomware, APTs, Cryptojackers, Bots and AI-enabled malware

HIRE US TO SOLVE YOUR HARDEST Security Automation, Integration, Protecton, and Resilience problems.

Intelligent Autonomous Experiences

Custom Designs

Providing custom designs for integrating security and resilience across hardware, firmware, OS Kernel, Hypervisors, and TEEs. Tapping into IT, OT, Cloud, IoT, and IIoT. Building autonomous intelligent systems with zero trust capabilities. Helping you to start with Open Source (hardware, software and firmware) and incorporating jointly developed proprietary features.

Data, Identity, and Infrastructure protection & resilience

We help you deploy COTS products and develop custom proprietary solutions to protect your most valuable assets: your users, data and infrastructure. We provide assessment and engineering services to prevent and mitigate targeted threats and insider's attack while ensuring data confidentiality, privacy and infrastructure resilience.

Custom Research and Development

Conducting R&D across entire IT and OT system stack: OS, hypervisor, firmware and hardware and meeting needs of vertical market segments: Automotive, Federal, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Financial, and Education. Multi-faucet innovation model: incremental, disruptive, architectural and radical.

Cloud planning, deployment and migration

We understand deeply the foundation technologies upon which public and private clouds are built covering: hardware, virtualization, OS and containers. Help you evaluate architectural difference across offerings, assess your engineering and operational requirements and solutions implementations. Help you to avoid risks associated with cloud deployment and migration through implementation of programable measures.

Automated Security Life Cycle

Security Integration

Integrate and close gaps across traditional security products and solutions implementing defense in depth across networks, edges and devices. Augmenting state-of-the-art technologies such as Zero-Trust, cognitive security, and high integrity.

Security Automation

We help customers struggling operationally due to the complexity associated with deployment and configuration of hybrid siloed security and manageability solutions. Eliminate redundancy, reduce cost and complexity, increase operation efficiency and agility and develop efficient strategies to prevent and mitigate data theft, exploitations, zero-day, and Advanced Persistent Attacks.

Security Engineering

Develop advanced security protection by taking advantage of state of the art security innovation within the OS kernel, hypervisors, firmware and the hardware while augmenting advancements in machine learning and data analytics. Applying security guidelines and principles across all product development stages with emphasis on API security, CI/CD and DevSecOps. Proprietary designs to prevent exploitations and enable self-defensive capabilities.

Automated Malware Protection

Custom tooling to prevent, protect and repair zero-day, Ransomware, Rootkits, and various forms of Advanced persistent Threats. Augmenting patentable technologies for system protection with emphasis on OS kernel and hypervisors.

Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance

Risk Assessment and Management

Get a 360 comprehensive view of your security posture, and how susceptible it is to malware attacks above and below the OS. Risk assessment utilizing various types of attacks and threat modeling.

Regulations & Compliance

We help you navigate through various regulatory and compliances requirements and make the trade off decisions between acquiring COT technology, using Open Source and developing proprietary solutions.

Intelligent Decision Making

Expert Customized Training

We have built a large internal encyclopedia covering all aspects of system security, protection, manageability and virtualization covering software, firmware and hardware design, architecture, implementation, deployment, operations, threats, and attacks. We expose you to state of the art R&D work done at leading technology companies and top academic institutions. We customize our training based on your needs and assessed gaps. Providing you with unique insights into threats: protection, prevention, mitigation and recovery. Learn about advanced topics like side channel attacks, Virtualization Based Security, Below OS Attacks and Security, Windows internals, Linux Security, OWASP, MITRE ATT@CK, TEEs, etc.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property is very critical for companies that focus on innovation. We help you to manage Intellectual Property activities, both internal and external. Walk you through a complete model to establish and implement a measurable comprehensive IP process.

Product Strategy

We help evaluate your product strategy, how it stands against coopetition and more importantly how it satisfies customers needs. We believe successful organizations are obsessed with customers satisfaction and focus on long term growth opportunities. We conduct deep technical analysis and verification of security and virtualization products and features utilizing a variety of tools including proprietary in-house technologies.

Industry insights and product research

We continuously survey the industry, evaluating products and emerging technologies. We help you to position your product and technology against competition by conducting multi-level comprehensive SWOT analysis and proposing strategies, and solutions to overcome competitive gaps and capture evolving trends,