From Industry's Top Executives and Experts

To: Mr. Ahmed Sallam, Founder & CEO & Inventor, DeepSAFE Technology®

Ahmed Sallam, CEO & Founder & Inventor, DeepSAFE Technology®

"Ahmed is an incredibly smart and insightful security professional. He understands security and attacks at the deepest levels yet can apply solutions practically. Articulate and purpose-driven, Ahmed is a valuable asset to any company who cares about security."

Stuart McClure, CEO & President & Founder, Cylance ( A BlackBerry company).

"I worked with Ahmed on several advanced security technologies that provided a unique and valuable synergy between hardware and software. Ahmed applied his deep security knowledge and deftly integrated his knowledge of Intel architectures to help guide our joint work. Ahmed is a pleasant person to work with working very well in a collaborative team manner. He provides both detailed input as well as an excellent high level vision of the objective while remaining agile to readjust as the program proceeds given the inevitable twists and turns. I highly recommend Ahmed."

Jerry Bautista, VP and GM, New Devices Group, Intel Corporation

"It is clear from my interactions with Ahmed since he joined Citrix that he is an extremely innovative thinker. He takes the time to listen to the business and technical challenges faced by customers and partners before proposing thoughtful solutions and approaches. As important, Ahmed recognize that one company cannot do everything. He works in a highly collaborative way to initially nurture and subsequently strengthen/broaden ecosystems. Three specific initiatives come to mind during our time working together: Ahmed participated in the launch of the first 64-bit ARM based silicon optimized for use in servers (Applied Micro's silicon). Ahmed was Citrix's executive sponsor and led their participation and engagement in Linaro. Ahmed has driven Citrix's product roadmap to bring Xen software to the ARM architecture

Ian Ferguson, VP of World Wide Marketing and Strategic Alliances, ARM

"I recommend Ahmed without any reservation. Ahmed is one of the smartest guys I've ever had the opportunity to work alongside. He has impeccable work ethic, honesty and interpersonal people skills. His technical skills are finely tuned and he can mange the very large scale architectural design of a system and drill down to the lowest technical details seamlessly. In my career, I count knowing and working with Ahmed to be among one of my best and most valued professional experiences. To know Ahmed is truly a privilege, and to work with him is truly an opportunity in itself. Simply stated, he's one our industry's best."

Michael Dalton, Sr. Vice President Software Engineering, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

"Ahmed is an innovative architect always thinking about disruptive technologies. We worked together on two completely different security solutions, while Ahmed was the CTO leading advanced technology group; and the solutions were as interesting as the debates/ discussions we had thinking through those. Ahmed challenges traditional thinking and enables organizations to think different. Great resource to have on any team."

Shailaja K. Shankar, SVP /GM, Security Business Group, Cisco

"Ahmed is quite simply one of the smartest people I know, period, and one of the nicest as well. Extremely detail-oriented, he takes the time to work through complex problems methodically and thoroughly, and he is happy to take the time to explain it to others. An extremely hard worker, he's probably the best Windows internals guy I know. One of my best hires ever."

Joe Telafici, Vice President of McAfee Labs

"Ahmed embodies a rare combination of profound security domain knowledge, creativity, and business acumen. This triple of skills allows for making the progression from invention (ideas) to innovation (reduction to practice & shipping). "

Vincent Zimmer, Senior Principal Engineer, Intel Corporation

"Ahmed is one of the true industry experts when it comes to Windows system level architecture and security. He continuously strives to provide innovative solutions to the ever increasing complexity of security threats."

Carl Banzhof, VP of Engineering at RocketCyber

"Ahmed possesses a profound depth of knowledge around security threats, vulnerabilities and attacks coupled with the unique ability to invent innovative security capabilities to detect, prevent and recover from attacks. I have had the pleasure of working with Ahmed for the past 5 years and learn something new every time I talk to him. He is a deep thinker with a long history of experience that he calls on to improve the security ecosystem time and again."

Alan Ross, Distinguished Engineer at Splunk

"Ahmed is a gifted security professional with the exceptional breadth of knowledge about computer security. I had a privilege to work with him on multiple projects and it was always a pleasure. His focus on the goal along with the professionalism and communication always yields great results."

Prof. Igor Muttik, Anti-Malware Industry Guru

"Ahmed was a key contributor to the Office of the CTO at McAfee, he was not only one of our most prolific inventors, but also one of the most active and eager mentors within the technical community. He was renowned for his expansive and deep knowledge but also his ability to "connect the dots" between exotic tech, and business results. I immensely enjoyed my time working with Ahmed and his contribution to the success of McAfee was immeasurable."

Simon Hunt, EVP Cyber Product Innovation, Mastercard

"Ahmed has a strong understanding of operating systems, systems programming, security issues and how malware can subvert security mechanisms. He is very good at coming up with ways to prevent such subversion. His understanding of machine and assembly language is key to doing that."

John Millard, 27 years at Symantec Corporation