Services and Technical Specialities

DeepSAFE Technology team has decades of accumulated R&D activities in various advanced security domains. To name a few:

  1. Hardware-rooted security technologies.

  2. Virtualization-based security.

  3. Trusted execution environments.

  4. Platforms measurement, runtime integrity, monitoring and assurance.

  5. Isolated execution containers with network and user segmentation.

  6. Tamper-proof/ preventive anti-malware protection.

  7. Digital Rights Management for multimedia data including both audio and video.

  8. Stealth-attacks protection.

  9. Kernel and user mode profiling agents.

  10. End-to-end secure authentication and access.

  11. Zero trust, deceptive and moving target networks.

  12. Nested / micro-virtualization.

  13. Windows internals, reverse engineering and forensics.

  14. Software emulation, interception, instrumentation and binary translation.

DeepSAFE has development unique IP for building autonomous, locked and self-protected computing environments for Mobile, Cloud, Networks, Desktop, Wearable’s and IoT security, management and virtualization.

Products and technologies span x86, ARM, open computing, converged and heterogeneous architectures.