Introducing The Founder, Ahmed Sallam

Career Summary

Ahmed Sallam is a renowned world-class expert in operating systems security, management and virtualization. A prolific inventor with 40+ issued US patents (sole inventorship). An inspiring and innovative technology executive with a solid track record of delivering numerous game-changing transformational technologies.


The Inventor / Architect of Intel’s DeepSAFE 1.0 hardware virtualization security technology triggering Intel’s $7.7B acquisition of McAfee. DeepSAFE has been implemented in every Intel’s shipping processor’s microcode and solid state drive’s firmware. DeepSAFE is the foundation of Intel’s Kernel Guard Technology secure hypervisor.


A long history in building hypervisors for system security and virtualization:

  1. Developed DeepSAFE 1.0 secure hypervisor.

  2. Owned Citrix’s Xen, Hyper-V and VirtualBox lines of client security and enterprise management products.

  3. Sponsored XenCLient development with Intel Corp including support for GPU virtualization and nesting of hypervisors.

  4. Sponsoring Xen on ARM and pushing ARM scale-out servers across ecosystem.

  5. The co-designer of VMware’s vSAFE hypervisor based security.

The inventor, architect and developer of core security components across McAfee, Symantec and CheckPoint products.

A security forensic expert who participated and various advanced malware and hacking attacks incidents investigation including Operation Aurora.

Endorsed by top corporate CEOs and Executives. Granted the United States Permanent Residency in 2006 as an honorable individual with extraordinary abilities (Category EB-1) in science and in recognition contribution to advance the field of computer systems security.

An active speaker, blogger, author and an executive-level representative in top-corporate engagements. A keynote and primary speaker at various security conferences including Intel IDF, McAfee’s Focus, RSA San Francisco, RSA Europe and Citrix Synergy.


Career highlights

2016 Founder/ President, DeepSAFE Technology

Specialized security consultancy focused on architecting, designing and developing next generation secure digital infrastructure. Utilizing hardware-rooted security, secure hypervisors, application sandboxing and isolation along with binary functional extraction and runtime behavioral instrumentation. Targeting IoT, Automotive, enterprise, Industrial and IoT markets.


2014 - 2015| Citrix VP of Strategy and CTO: Security, Hardware, Virtualization and IP.

Leading products and technology worldwide strategic development in the emerging era of smart connected devices focusing on: end-to-end security, automotive, IoT, systems virtualization and physicalization, software defined data center and intelligent enterprise. Driving Intellectual Property and Open Source strategic growth and monetization opportunities. Working closely with software and hardware (chipset, OEMs, devices and servers) ecosystem partners integrating into Citrix device, network and cloud management, virtualization and security platforms.


2012 - 2013| Citrix Client Virtualization Group leader (VP of Products Strategy and CTO).

Acquiring VCI, building three lines of products for (1) Windows enterprise devices security, virtualization and centralized management, (2) Locked down federal government multi-level security (3) Managed hosted virtual Windows desktops on Mac. Bringing Xen Hypervisor to the Linux Foundation and expanding its ecosystem around ARM and x86 devices and servers’ security and virtualization.


2006 - 20012| McAfee/ Intel Security, CTO of Advanced Technology and Chief Architect.

Building industry’s first advanced Security Operation Center (SOC), unifying and growing McAfee’s portfolio of security engines (consumer, enterprise, host and networks), developing cloud-based Global Threat Intelligence (GTI) along with Proactive Predictive Preventive Protection (PPPP). The Chief Technologist, Inventor and Architect of Intel’s DeepSAFE hardware virtualization based security technology and the co-designer of VMware’s vSAFE,  VMM CPU/ memory / IO security. Building industry 1st device-to-cloud proactive zero-day protection solutions to prevent kernel malware infections, rootkits, stealth attacks and APTs. Leading cooperation with Microsoft on OS architectural extension security filter.


2004 - 2006| Senior Security Architect (Director-level) at Nokia’s Security (sold to CheckPoint)

Building SSL-VPN Security Gateway, end point security, applications firewalls, virtualization and sandboxing


2003-2004| Principal Engineer at Symantec

Leading company’s proactive behavioral blocking security, buffer overflow prevention and self-protection of Symantec’s security products (user and kernel modes).


1999 - 2003| Director / Chief Architect at Cognicity and Chief Designer at Panasas

OS, network, storage, audio, documents, applications, file systems and PC hardware virtualization, management and security. 


1993-1999| Division Head at Sakhr Software, Windows OS and Apps Virtualization and Security solutions

Arabized Secure versions of Windows OS / Apps / Web Clients and Servers. Controlling PC, OS and Internet market in the Middle East for six full years with awards from Byte and PC Magazine.


1990-1993| Entrepreneur

Arabic version of DOS, Win 3.0 through emulation, patching and binary translation.


1987 – 1992| Bachelor of Engineering: Computer Science/ Automatic Control, University of Alexandria, Egypt.