In this section of the website I will be telling the story of DeepSAFE over time. DeepSAFE is a deep revolutionary technical vision for security implementation. A vision with great implications from a strategy, business, economical and even dominance standpoint.

The DeepSAFE story spans a period of over 25 years. Hence, in respect to readers time and energy it will be covered with great precision and accuracy.

DeepSAFE is an evolving and living vision and I continue to pursue its completeness continuously.

I would like to inform the readers that some pieces of the story will be covered publicly briefly for following reasons:

  1. Avoid bringing up topics that were and continue to involve unnecessary corporate politics.

  2. Keeping the know-how preserved for our customers and partners as part of protecting their security assets from unnecessary disclosure that may benefit the adversaries.

  3. Retaining my own Intellectual Property rights and protecting my current business activities and future plans.

Thank you for giving me your time and attention,

Ahmed Sallam, Cupertino, California, October 2021


DeepSAFE vision was vaguely conceived in late 80s, by me, Ahmed Sallam while I was studying for obtaining my Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Science and Automatic Control from University of Alexandria, Egypt. Back then, my curiosity, and critical deep thinking drove me to identify various issues with the newly released PC hardware architecture making the computing architecture accessible for massive manipulation. Hence, insecure.

The DeepSAFE vision has grown tremendously over the years and it was impossible to predict back in 1989 the amount of energy, creativity, hard work and collaboration that would go into its implementation. It is much easier today to look back and connect the dots especially as the technology has seen various implementations and iterations across the ecosystem. It remains important to outline an accurate timeline of DeepSAFE evolution as a vision and implementation. Our customers and partners continue to gain deep insights into DeepSAFE as we help them to acquire the know-how and tighten their products and infrastructure security.

Many individuals, groups and organizations believed in the vision, contributed to its evolution and implementation over the years. We all deserve full credit for our hard work, creativity, innovation, and more importantly relentless dedication to make computing systems secure.

I am very grateful to so many individuals who inspired, motivated, invested and believed in me throughout the years. I am equally proud of everyone who carries the flag and continues to innovate and break the status quo. I continue to feel grateful to all of those who acted as devil advocates, showstoppers, and circuit breakers as they all made me stronger. I feel very humbled by the opportunities given to me, and the impact of such massive collective efforts across the industry.

Lastly, I continue to be motivated and to collaborate with everyone sharing the vision and pursuing the same mission to combat bad enemies who break into our computers and networks stealing our data and disrupting our lives.

Ahmed Sallam, Cupertino, California, October 2021