DeepSAFE 1.0 an Industry Game Changing Technology

1st Industry's Hardware-Assisted Security to Eliminate Kernel Malware 


DeepSAFE, Invented and Architected by Ahmed Sallam and co-developed with Intel Labs and Intel Software Services Group, is a technology that allows the development of hardware-assisted security products to take advantage of a “deeper” security footprint. The technology sits below the OS providing a vantage point that helps fundamentally change the security game. DeepSAFE enables innovative new protection technologies including proactively detecting and preventing stealthy advanced persistent threats (APTs) and malware. Many APTs include stealth techniques such as rootkits that embed themselves deep in the OS to evade current security solutions.


DeepSAFE 1.0:

  • Builds foundation for next generation hardware-assisted security operating beyond the operating system.

  • Provides a trusted view of system events below the operating system.

  • Exposes many attacks that are undetectable today and hidden from operating systems.

  • New vantage point to block sophisticated stealth techniques and APTs.

  • Provides real time CPU event monitoring with minimal performance impact.

  • Combines hardware power and software flexibility to deliver a new foundation for security.